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heyy! I have been so busy with work. I worked sunday 9:45-2 wednesday 5-9:45 friday 5-9:45 today(saturday) 1:30-9:45... I love it though even thought i don't go out all that much now oh well i am gettin money and now i can buy my own stuff. so its all good... I am goin to six flags i can't wait i have never been there.. I am scared of alot of rides but i think i am just gonna go on all of.. How i am goin to get over my fear if i don't try it so i am goin to do them all... well i got to go get ready for work i gotta work 8 hours tonight!! Ahh thats long i have worked 10 hours two day in a row before so i don't think it is that bad but i am going to be on my feet all day and when i worked ten hours i worked at the day care so we sat until the kids woke up and you got to sit wen the kids were playin oh well ill be ok well im out! Ill holla <3
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